Blah Blah T-Shirt


A Frog Bros original design, limited to 25 t-shirts.

The design is printed onto the t-shirt as a digital print through the process of sublimation printing, bonding the inks and the fibres of the shirt for vibrant, permanent colour image reproduction.
100% polyester.

Our Price Adult £12.99
Child £10.99

Blah Blah T-Shirt art

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Child Age 3-4 - chest size 66cm
Child Age 5-6 - chest size 71cm
Child Age 7-8 - chest size 76cm
Child Age 9-10 chest size 81cm
Child Age 11-12 chest size 86cm
Child Age 13-14 chest size 91cm

Adult Small chest size 102cm.
Adult Medium chest size 107cm.
Adult Large chest size 112cm
Adult X Large chest size 117cm