Welcome to FROG BROS COMICS AND BOOKS, in our (possibly biased) opinion the South's best and friendliest Comic shop!!!

We love Comics! And we love selling you Comics, Books, Toys and all kinds of related Geek stuff! We have also recently started stocking GAMES WORKSHOP products.

Comics are AWESOME, and the Comic book industry is AWESOME! For it to thrive the comic book industry works 2 months in advance, pre-ordering books helps us get our numbers right and ensures you don't miss that book or series.

With that in mind we’ve got dedicated pages to show the Comics and Books that will be hitting the Frog shelves in the coming weeks, so please take your time and go through the solicitations for the next 2 months, decide which books you just can’t do without, then hit the many ‘ORDER WITH US’ links to place your order. We do offer a mailing service if you’re not lucky enough to live in our beautiful part of the world, be sure to let us know if you’ll be needing them mailing at the time of ordering. Here’s the links:




But we're not just a comic shop, we have a few other strings to our bow, like offering print and design services through our FROG BROS STUDIO, here we offer affordable web design, graphic design and illustration. We also offer screen printing, digital gift printing onto a whole range of things including phone covers, cups even teddy bears! And we offer an affordable gift design service for those folks with the ideas but not the know-how to bring it together...

First and foremost though we are a comic shop and so offer all the things that good comic shops offer, like comics, books, subscriptions to said comic books, bags and boards so that you can look after your comic books, comic and geek related toys and apparel.