Enter... RED DEATH...


Are you ready to face the fastest man alive? Step aside Flash, as the Red Death is here!

The world is under siege. Corrupt, nightmare versions of the Batman are attacking from the Dark Multiverse, and threaten to destroy well, everything.

And what’s to make matters worse, is that these are no ordinary versions of the Batman. These twisted reflections also are doppelgangers for the World’s Greatest Heroes, the Justice League!

In this first spotlight issue, we are introduced to the fastest man alive… the Red Death! With all of Batman’s steely resolve and equipped with the Speed Force, can anything stop him?

Neither Batman nor the Flash can stand aside and do nothing, but what chance do they have against a sadistic combined version of themselves?

The first DARK KNIGHT experience is here… good luck folks!

US Price $3.99
Our Price £3.20
cat no. 1174043

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