A mammoth undertaking with unlimited possibilities... time for DOOM...


Victor Von Doom is back in his brand-new series!

Doom has been many things in his life.

Feared by the outside world but worshipped within Latveria, Doom recently has been pondering his legacy.

What can he do to truly lead the world into a better future, and ensure his name is remembered for generations?

His most recent project has seen him attempt to perfect an “artificial” black hole, a mammoth undertaking with unlimited possibilities.

But when a terrorist act leaves thousands of people dead, the prime suspect is none other than Doctor Doom himself!

Left the most wanted man alive in the world, Doom is isolated from everyone other than himself.

Can he survive long enough to get to the bottom of the mystery?

(Of course he can. He is Doom.)

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Our Price £4.30
cat no. 1230076

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