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The war is over. The dust has settled. So what next for the INHUMANS and the X-MEN?

With the Terrigen Mists gone and Medusa’s abdication from the throne, the Inhumans face an uncertain future. However with Medusa and Black Bolt looking to reunite the Royal Family, there’s always the chance for a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow away from the despair and hopelessness of Earth, and back to the stars once more…

Oh, and there’s also the small matter of sorting out what to do with pesky ‘ol Maximus the Mad!

Meanwhile, the X-MEN stand, divided. Having ensured their future on Earth, the burden of leadership has taken its toll on Storm. The X-MEN need someone idealistic again. A dreamer, who can unite mutants and strive for a better tomorrow. They need… Kitty Pryde. But does Kitty want the task of pursuing Xavier’s dream?

The bold new era of both the INHUMANS and the X-MEN starts here! A return to their roots, with of course, a classic Marvel twist! Don’t miss out on INHUMANS PRIME #1 and X-MEN PRIME #1!!!

US Price $4.99
Our Price £3.90
cat no. XMEN_PRIME_1

US Price $4.99
Our Price £3.90

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